About Us

In 1995, Ingrid Perrino and Ron Starrenburg, self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, set out to redefine the way ground support services was being done at O’Hare International Airport. Sunline Services was founded on the simple concept of helping the international airlines reach new heights by providing ground support services beyond expectations. In September of 1995, Sunline Services was opened. Next year we’ll be celebrating our 20th year.

About pg img Ingrid Ingrid Perrino, Co-founder, is the President and CEO of Sunline Services, Inc. Well diverse in the airline ground support industry, Ingrid has brought extensive expertise to our company.

Since 1995, Ingrid has established strong working relationship with many of the international airlines, as a result major accounts were signed and Sunline Services established a healthy customer base. We are proud of our relationships with our customers and invite you to visit their web sites via the “Our Customers” section of the services page.

Under Ingrid’s leadership, Sunline experienced dramatic growth within the first five years. The company grew from just a handful of employees to well over a hundred. Later, Ingrid also skillfully guided Sunline though the many challenges and changes the airline industry faced.  Send Ingrid an e-mail.

About pg img RonRon Starrenburg, Vice President and Co-Founder, directs the company’s corporate partnership programs and is responsible for overall operational performance and execution.

Ron’s strong leadership skills coupled with his diverse, people skills has allowed him to staff and assemble a team with some of the best people in in the industry. Our company has grown more then 300% since opening in 1995. Few in this business can match the dynamism of that growth, which would have been much less spectacular without the standards, practices and procedures also developed by Ron.  Send Ron an e-mail.